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If you have a Sunoco near you and they have Ultra94 (94 octane as opposed to Premium which is 92), that is usually ethanol free. premium aspect of fuel, you’ll have a better understanding as to whether or not an off brand or name brand is better for your vehicle. The advanced formula and fuel stabilizers precisely blended with full synthetic oil keep fuel fresh for 2+ years after opening and 5+ years unopened. This website will tell you where it has been reported that ethanol free gas is available. I wanted to get your thoughts before my first fill up in Georgia! Isobutanol is an EPA Approved oxygenate containing 30% higher BTU than ethanol, while producing power beyond typical ethanol-based gasoline. Very small 2 strokes also benefit from the higher octane. Now that you understand the regular vs. Ethanol comes from corn while gas comes from fossils. No brand of gas is 100% ethanol free at all locations. pure-gas. TruFuel is the first-ever premixed, ready-to-use fuel engineered specifically for portable 4-cycle gas powered equipment, providing time-saving convenience and  12 Jun 2019 Is there a real difference between different brands of gas and will cheap claims to contain twice the amount of additives compared with generic gas. My question is do you guys think it is worth the extra effort to get it? The closest to me would be 94 octane. I do pay an additional 10 cents a gallon for the 94 octane ethanol free over 91 octane ethanol free gas. ‡‡ (Benefit available only in Synergy Supreme+™ premium gasoline) Friction modifier – new ingredient protects your engine by reducing wear and tear by 30%. 2. Finally, there will be a premium option with an octane rating of 91-94. Be it regular or premium Costco gas I use (premium is now only $2. Ethanol flex fuel (formerly known as E85) has between 51% and 83% ethanol, with the remainder being gasoline. I've done this many times and have noticed zero, nada difference in running, temps or MPG. It is also usable in some aviation engines [1] and automotive engines, though it has not been thoroughly tested for cars and trucks. Outside of Toronto and surrounding areas, Supreme is the highest-octane gasoline available at Esso and Mobil stations across Canada. Premium Non-Ethanol Gasoline can improve mileage, provide better performance and safer operation for classic cars and recreational vehicles, such as snowmobiles, boats, and motorcycles, as well as lawn and snow equipment. Most blended fuel on the market today is E10, which contains 90% gasoline and 10% ethanol. org offers a  1 Aug 2017 Select Stewart's Shops locations are now offering Ethanol-Free Premium Gasoline. But if my car is tuned for premium gas, are there any issues running 91 octane over 93 octane? As far as I know, "premium gas" is anything 91+ (nevermind race fuel), so I should be fine. Fuel producers refine ethanol from 100 percent pure-grain alcohol. There are multiple fuel types available – a low-cost type that’s marked with an 87 octane rating that also has 10% ethanol, a medium priced gas that’s 87 but more expensive than the ethanol gas, and a premium fuel that has a 91 octane rating. The pumps at my station say the gas contains 10% ethanol. Florida State Statute mandates that non-ethanol fuel can only be sold for use in Collector Vehicles, small engines, Off-Road vehicles, etcBeing the smart ass that I am, I filled up my TRD Off-Road with 90 octane Ethanol Free Gasoline. One of the biggest reasons why ethanol fuel and boats don’t go together is that ethanol has the unhappy ability to attract water. At current prices of fuel this adds up, fast! Please help if anybody knows where any ethanol-free pumps are located! Thanks! E15 fuel has been certified for sale in the United States and is slowly beginning to show up at filling stations. 12 Nov 2013 What do you pump pure gas or do you use a little ethanol? lot of holdouts in Oklahoma who still demand a regular supply of ethanol free fuel. Ethanol can attract moisture and lead to corrosion issues in the delicate parts of the system, most notably the carburetor. Ethanol raises the octane rating so addition of ethanol to an 87 octane blend can give you a 93 octane. 91 octane is ideal. In other words, just because a fuel says "premium" does not mean it does not contain Ethanol or MTBE. an 87 with no-ethanol, you won't notice THAT big of a mileage difference probably, but i've seen it be as much as 10% difference in mpg between 87 100% gas, and 87 w/ 10% ethanol. This entry was posted in Articles and tagged bad gas, best gas for carbureted engine, best gas for lawn mower, best gas for motorcycle, best gas for racing, best gas for small engines, best gas for weedeater, burning ethanol, e0, E100, e85, e85 gas mileage, e90, effects of ethanol gas, ethanol, ethanol free, ethanol free fuel, Ethanol Free Gas I run a premium non-ethanol gas. TruFuel is precision-engineered premixed fuel with synthetic lubricants and advanced stabilizers that are specially made for your 2-cycle and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment. There are 2 in my home town but cant drive 5 hrs to fill up, lol. Now here is the kicker I can pull up to the airport and get 100ll for the same price or a few cents less. One such was MTBE which was eventually banned due to its toxic content. The Shell V-Power race fuel used in the Formula One Scuderia Ferrari V6 engine contains at least 99% of the same types of compounds used in Shell V-Power ® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline. As you correctly pointed out, ethanol gas (usually 10% ethanol) sold in the USA does not contain lead. Buy premium if in doubt, regular in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Here in Il gas with 10% ethanol is all that is available. Does premium gas have ethanol in it? There are some people, who swear by premium gas and will put nothing else in their vehicle. Basically 100% ethanol vs 100% gasoline, ethanol car travels 300km and gasoline car Use of ethanol in older vehicles . 6 million customers in 26 states in the U. I bought myself a 1996 caprice classic to have a car when I want. As a business owner, you know that time is money. May 27, 2011, Harri Daniel, Comments Off on Benefits Of Ethanol Free Gas. It seems pretty obvious that any vehicle with an empty gas tank is little more than an expensive paperweight or roadblock. Name Brand Gas. Our ethanol free gas is a 90 octane premium gasoline. 2 stroke and 4. This is over many trips, filling the tank to the filler cap, shaking the vehicle around to get any air bubbles out, lol. I live in CA and getting ethanol-free gas is doable, it's just an hour drive to get it. Ethanol fuel use in the U. The only bad about using No Ethanol gas in my area is: There are only two locations to get the 93 octane No Ethanol gas, and they charge about $. Regular gas seldom is, while premium may be. and Canada that serve ethanol-free gasoline. I assumed newer vehicles were made with this in mind so I haven't had any issues with putting >10% ethanol fuel in. org is a site dedicated to one, simple task: to list the gas stations in the U. I have a 2010 Nissan Frontier SE with a 4. This may be a handy resource for those in this forum that use a lot of small engines. Get an ethanol remover from the part store. go out of my way, and pay a premium, for Lowering the required yearly volume would create more space in the marketplace for ethanol-free gas. Since the gas isn't branded as "Top Tier" you don't know about the amount of detergents added. I had a flat tire, they were very helpful and plugged it for me (in the rain) very quickly. Here it is 2016 already and the argue goes on, The Oregon legislature is unwilling to listen to the opponents of the requirement of ethanol in our auto fuel. 87 respectively) would also need a detergent additive to combat the debris build On 'Pure' Gasoline, Your Mileage May Vary: What's The Difference? Bengt Halvorson November 12, 2012 Comment Now! Unless you're the type to very closely read the fine print on the face of fuel That's pretty much what I've been experiencing as well. . Fact: many premium fuels these days, like Regular gas, also contain ethanol. ) Keep your tanks full to minimize the condensation problems -- that's a common practice for aircraft. I will void my warranty if my owner's manual calls for premium and I use regular unleaded. Which means you get about 95% of the energy when compared to pure gasoline. The gas will often sit around for long periods, and is often exposed to high humidity There are about 8,000 gas stations offering ethanol free gasoline and only about 1,200 offering E85. Vietnam: 92 is in every gas station and 95 is in the urban area. Using regular gas in a car designed for premium will definitely damage the engine. Premium has special or extra detergents in it that are worth the added cost. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for No Ethanol Gas Stations locations in Roanoke, VA. Recently however, a dozen or so Pure stations in the area are now selling 90 octane ethanol free gas. Ethanol is a problem potentially Ethanol is a non fossil fuel that is added to reformulated gasoline to meet the Energy Our fuel; Synergy™ gasoline · Synergy Supreme+™ premium gasoline Gasoline with 10% ethanol content is known as E10, and with 15% ethanol it's *Fuel economy improvement is based on Synergy-branded gasoline compared to  13 Nov 2017 Update: How much “Ethanol-Free” gasoline is out there? When compared to EPA's revised national estimate of E0 volume in 2016 of 500 the margin between Premium E10 and E0 can be as high as $0. Non-Ethanol? I know it's better to use high-octane if you can afford it, but if I'm not mistaken, it also contains Ethanol just like regular 87. But ethanol has a lower energy density than isooctane, so you don&#039;t get as good a milage and you can have problems Why? Experts have a few reasons. There is a difference between states on whether premium gas specifically has ethanol in it or not. Materials  12 Oct 2016 Why do some gas stations make it a point to advertise that they sell 'Pure Oil' or ' Ethanol-free Oil'? And why is there a divide among consumers  1 Mar 2018 So when they see ethanol-free gas, they think it's abnormal now. So the higher the ethanol content, the higher the octane. If your car recommends, but doesn't require premium gas, you'll most likely see improved performance and efficiency with higher octane fuel. 10 Nov 2014 FOX23 pumped gas samples from several different stations that advertise ethanol -free gas and took the samples to Standard Supply Lawn and  Much of the gasoline sold throughout the United States contains ethanol. RealGas Plus Ethanol-Free Gasoline A big plus for your small engines. I have used the star tron ring free in mine since I bought it 2 years ago and I always only put ethanol free gas in mine . 10 Jul 2012 The ethanol-free four-cycle gas costs $5. Anyone have any solid experience with the differences in running these three gas choices? The reason I ask is the local QT's are now selling ethanol free which I've never tried in my LC (only 87 with 10% ethanol or 93 premium). Cruiser & Trike editor Mick Withers chooses to fill with premium fuel Well on pure gas website it says esso 91 is ethanol free is that true? I thought only shell 91 was ethanol free Alaska: all gasoline is ethanol-free. Our newest detergent keeps your engine 2X cleaner for better gas mileage. Other Shell grades gasoline contain ethanol at the following concentrations: Up to 5% ethanol in Shell Silver mid-grade gasoline (89 octane), and up to 10% ethanol in Shell Bronze regular grade gasoline (87 octane). I have run the 87 octane a few times and once had a problem in that the ethanol freed up some gunk in my fuel system and clogged the inlet to one carb. Whether you've got a boat, 2-cycle engine or a seasonally driven vehicle, this ethanol-free fuel is easy on your engine and delivers the most efficient power – leading to more miles per gallon on the road and more hours per gallon for small Red Armor Fuel is ethanol-free, which means it does not attract water and therefore helps prevent internal engine corrosion. How Can You Avoid Ethanol Damage? The easiest way to prevent ethanol damage is to simply avoid gasoline that contains an ethanol mixture. every day. 4 billion in 2016. When I look at the other gas stations and there premium gas contains no ethanol. 3 Sep 2014 There are about 8000 gas stations offering ethanol free gasoline this would mean that consumers have paid about nine billion dollars for nothing. Always check at the pump to make sure that the fuel you are using is ethanol-free, or at the very least, contains 10 percent ethanol or less (the maximum safe ratio for newer 2 stroke engines). I just started filling up with FastTrac 91 octane ethanol-free, since it is only about 15 cents/gallon more expensive than the 93 octane premium I used to get. 10% ethanol has nothing to do with octane, premium, ecoboost, or anything else. I normally run 93 octane 10% ethanol in my 6-speed R/T, but I'm thinking of trying the 90 octane ethanol free gas to see what the mpg difference is. A few states have an exemption for premium but in OR it can only be pumped into cars more than 25 years old. All cars are certified to run the stuff; in fact, it’s difficult to find ethanol-free, pure gas anymore. On the contrary, I'm seeing more non-Ethanol options pop up around here, but Use pre-mixed ethanol free fuel for your power equipment. Ethanol is produced from corn, soybeans, sugar cane, or other organic material. Here’s why I’m asking: I live in Wisconsin and regular gas uses a 10% ethanol blend, but premium doesn’t. Here in Florida where the rule was repealed we still see most stations selling with a 10% blend regardless, but you can find stations that sell ethanol free gasoline, albeit at a premium price. 89 at those stations (and the Petro exception below) is 5% ethanol as the pumps blend 50% 87 + 50% 91. Sears, home centers, marinas, and some equipment dealers sell it, though at a premium over what you'd pay on the ETHANOL FUEL AND LAWN MOWERS: Tips on Using Ethanol Gas in a Lawn Mower. Gas! 87 octane vs 91 octane, Ethanol free vs 10% Ethanol? results were pretty amazing premium 93 with BG44k was the best overall and 93 octane was almost equal to Ethanol fuel’s usable life span may be less than the normal length of off-season boat storage. That app isn't totally reliable. That water was most likely condensation in your fuel tank as temperatures changed. There will be a mid-range version with an octane rating of 89. 58 in my area. I went with Fastrac, they're regional. 92+ octane, ethanol-free formula provides easier engine starting and smoother idling I'm looking for stations that sell non ethanol premium (91-93 octane) gas in or near the following locations: Grenada, Ms (Grenada Lake), Batesville, Ms (Enid Lake), Sardis, Ms (Sardis Lake), Greenville, Ms (Lake Washington). 26 Sep 2018 I honestly don't know what octane Costco premium grade fuel is. But not as many are clear on the differences between regular and premium gas. There is a station close to my house and the ethanol free gas is only 10 cents more then the premium Use a gas station that offers ethanol-free or E10 gasoline. You can now fuel up at over 250 Stewart’s Shops locations with Premium Non-Ethanol Gasoline. Hence, not much financial incentive to Non Ethanol Gas Stations in Tacoma, WA. The phase separation can make an engine run very poorly or not at all if the fuel absorbs too much moisture. There will be a regular unleaded that has an octane rating of 87. Higher ethanol fuel (E15) may be less expensive than regular (E10) fuel, but putting E15 into an E10 approved vessel could cause engine and fuel system damage. ProGreen Plus recommends that you only use 100% gasoline in your power equipment whenever possible. 05 per gallon more than the 10% ethanol gas. With high fuel prices, consumers are now looking for cheaper alternatives to power their automobiles. While the water-attracting alcohol in these blended fuels can lead to potential problems, they’re easy to prevent. 67 per gallon. Driven similarly there was virtually no difference in average fuel economy in my last focus, this one I've only ever run 91 or above in it after the initial dealer fill. Now they use 10% ethanol to make it worse instead. Or, more correctly, whether it's required to have it in it. ELI5: The Difference between Ethanol-Free, Leaded and Non-Oxygenated (and my lawnmower) There's a gas station by my house that sell premium (93 octane) which they Even though it was only a few weeks old it had separated in 2 layers. My limited understanding is that ethanol-free is the way to go if you can get it for engines like these to prevent the gumming/varnishing effects of ethanol and to avoid moisture collection that ethanol also promotes. Not for the octane but for that fact that it's ethanol free. Make sure the gasoline you purchase for your outdoor power equipment contains no more than 10% ethanol. Running regular ethanol-free gas is probably the best way to go with a two-stroke engine. Quality fuels for the vehicles of of our hard-working customers. Yea or nay? Originally Posted by Jayson_Bourne I watched a documentary on gas, apparently Ethanol will give you less mileage. Here are some of the pros and cons of using ethanol free gasoline noted in such discussions. Why do I only use non-ethanol gas? What is best to use and what are the pros and cons? SUBSCRIBE to WHO_TEE_WHO https://www Can someone enlighten me on this ethanol thing. S. Oil refineries for the most part only create a regular and premium Blendstock  To better serve our customers' varying needs, all Wawa fuel stores carry three grades of gasoline, many stores carry diesel fuel, and some carry ethanol-free  Where to buy clear gasoline in Oregon. They also Author's Note: Can ethanol damage your engine? I love popcorn and buttery, salty grilled cobs as much as the next girl -- but at least I admitted to myself, long ago, that corn is not actually a vegetable. Ethanol vs gasoline, which type of fuel is best for your car's engine with Scotty Kilmer. However on a trip to eastern Canada in 2013, I used only ethanol free 91 octane and there was no discernible performance difference, but gas mileage improved by about 3 or 4% as expected. It's possible to buy ethanol-free gas, but increasingly difficult. Thanks! To better judge ethanol's strengths and weaknesses, we decided to buy a flex-fuel vehicle (FFV) and put E85 to the test. $3. When I compared my mileage between a tank full of ethanol free, vs a tank full of the contaminated stuff, my Toyota got about a ten percent increase with Wow I just found out that Shell V-Power contains no ethanol. Clear gasoline is a much better fuel for boats, ATV's, 1990 era and earlier car models, chainsaws, and yard equipment because of the rubber hoses, fuel lines, gaskets, etc. compiles a database of stations with ethanol-free fuel, but pure-gas. that can easily deteriorate with the use of ethanol REC-90 is an ethanol-free, 90 octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in recreational/marine engines which can be damaged by the ethanol found in other gasoline blends. Gas prices are really jacked up here, and one would want to get the most out of every tank. STIHL MotoMix®, the official fuel of STIHL TIMBERSPORTS®, is a premixed, ethanol-free, 50:1 fuel mixture of gasoline and STIHL HP Ultra Oil. Though I have no intentions of driving 30 miles just to get it. Products are available for small If your car is 100% stock you may save yourself a couple of bucks with 91 ethanol free as you will get slightly better gas mileage. By Bob Adriance. The short answer is, no, ethanol-free gasoline is not bad for your car. The truth about ethanol in your gas The exact amount of ethanol in the mix varies from state to state, however, and in some states, you can find ethanol-free premium gas if you look for it I found a station in Luray VA (Liberty Gas) that has ethanol-free 87 octane regular gas. Estimated range with non-ethanol 87 octane is 500 miles per tank. regular 87 when you can get plain gas, but where I live, the only 87 octane happens to be E10, and the only way to get something with no ethanol is to buy premium. In addition, as Argonne National Laboratory states, ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions between 34 to 44 percent compared to gasoline. Petro is Ethanol free 91 IF the site does not have 94. most of it is cut either 10% or 15%. has increased dramatically from about 1. Ethanol free gasoline has a much greater shelf-life vs ethanol blended gasoline. It was shown as an argument to use only ethanol free gas, which the marina sold at a premium. I cut out two nights a year eating at the Golden Corral ($20 total) to pay for the extra cost of the 94 octane. Keep reading to learn  What Is the Best Small Engine or Lawn Mower Gas? This fuel combines ethanol-free unleaded gasoline with a fuel stabilizer to prolong the life of the fuel. Ethanol has about half the energy compared to gasoline. In most areas of the country, it is thus possible to buy gasoline that does not contain ethanol. I was interested in seeing how many people run gas enriched with ethanol and how many people run gas without ethanol. So what? Well, a performance car tells you several parameters, including mileage and a power estimate. I'll acknowledge that I'd prefer the premium fuel to be Ethanol free, but evidence has seemingly shown otherwise. Without going into the politics and/or cost both fiscal and to the environment of using ethanol, this article is designed to help at least keep the older engines running with ethanol fuel. Our customers have been asking for it, and we listened! 10 Jun 2017 Is there an advantage of using ethanol-free gasoline as far as At one gas station, they sell gas with 10 percent ethanol and gas without ethanol. With 10% ethanol that means you get one gallon of ethanol with a ten gallon purchase. I have been making special trips for the fuel that advertises no ethanol. can of ethanol-free 93 octane pre-mixed fuel; Recommended for use in all air-cooled 2 cycle engines Other interesting facts about ethanol . I now fill on the water with ethanol-free gas. If it’s older than 1990, either update the fuel system or run E0 ethanol-free premium gas. ISOBUTANOL is not hygroscopic which means it will not absorb nor accumulate water, nor will the fuels damage or affect gas tanks, gaskets, carburetors or injectors. Our premium grade unleaded gasoline was formulated with a higher octane level and more cleaning agents to meet the demands of some of today’s most advanced engines. Getting better mileage with premium gas is usually due to the engine being able to run the most Thank you for your email. Should I run this with octane boost, or can the octane boost create damage like the ethanol? Suggestions on boost that will not create damage? Just continue to use premium fuel with ethanol; Any other ideas? What are you guys doing and experiencing? Re: Ethanol-Free Gas Station Locator Pynergy will only allow you to pump the 91 non-ethanol into a car with collector tags, which means the vehicle is exempt from emissions. Find 504 listings related to No Ethanol Gas Stations in Roanoke on YP. Now if you go to most marina's they should carry a fuel called Rec90. At independent gas stations I can get Ethanol free premium fuel. Does anybody know of any. E85 difference: you're looking at a $4 or $5 premium I discovered a local station that sells ethanol-free gas. This is because they have to use the ethanol to raise the octane level of their gasoline blend in order to satisfy the higher octane requirements of premium. I'm sick and tired of comparing our gas and other merchandise with the States. Many of the States have mandatory ethanol-free gas laws; not to mention they have way cheaper gas. Hey guys, As some of you already know, about a year ago I moved from Georgia up to Alberta, Canada. Is this a better  Husky's ethanol-blended gas improves performance and is better for your car and the It has natural detergent properties that help keep your fuel system free from Premium Plus with ethanol, the highest octane fuel available (AB, SK & MB)  3 Feb 2017 Given the choice, I run ethanol free gas in my boat. 74/gal, as of this writing) as my car’s direct injection engine was originally designed to run on premium (slightly better level You should be better fuel mileage using ethanol free gas. I have a gas station near my house with ethanol free 87 octane, should I use that instead of premium ethanol blend for my R100S ? do I need to increase the octane rating if I do? "Clear" gasoline is defined as a non-ethanol blended gas, generally produced with 91 octane and sold asa premium blend. And even then, not everywhere. I have always been advised to avoid ethanol when I can, as the long-term affects are not good. WHO_TEE_WHO explains the difference between no-ethanol and ethanol gas. Doing some quick math, all I’d need is a 2 mpg increase on ethanol free premium to break even on fuel costs. Most places, especially where there are a lot of boats and snowmobiles, will have non-ethanol premium (91-93 octane) but it's expensive. As NASCAR's trusted supplier for fuel, Sunoco's high quality gas lasts longer while being environmentally responsible. This is the problem here. Ethanol. I'm convinced it's the lack of ethanol that is responsible for the gain, not the octane level. There is a handy guide for locating stations that sell ethanol-free, see pure-gas. ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions between 34 to 44 percent compared to gasoline. Anything higher than E15 ethanol content is only appropriate in Flex Fuel vehicles. E15 is gasoline with 15% ethanol content, and E85 is a fuel that may contain up to 85% fuel ethanol. Ethanol-free Gasoline Every gallon of CountryMark 90 PLUS is refined to exceed customer expectations. But one can purchase lead additives to mix with unleaded gas for classic car engines that still need it. I'm fortunate, as I can get 94 octane ethanol free gas in my hometown, so I get the maximum performance and the maximum gas mileage. Premium gas gives you more miles per gallon than regular gas. The maximum ethanol content allowed by law for use in outdoor power equipment is   1 Nov 2012 Myth: Premium is better because it does not contain ethanol. Our Ethanol Free Gas is perfect for your boats, jet skis, ATV’s, lawn mowers, weed eaters, blowers and can also be used in automobiles. We also have a good number along I-81. org that has a list of over 10,000 locations, broken down by states or provinces, that sell pure, ethanol-free gas. Gasoline with ethanol can harm your power equipment. I use seafoam and stabil periodically. Please forgive me if There's a gas station 10 miles away, but they put ethanol in their product. E10 87 question except in a peripheral fashion. E85 is an ethanol mixture promoted as an alternative to gasoline. There is a web site called pure-gas. All of these users must be able to get ethanol free (E0) gasoline. What’s the difference? One obvious difference is the price—premium fuel typically costs about 20 cents more per gallon than regular gas. It's ethanol free and the sled seems to run good on it . In the case of our Yamaha XJs, ethanol is neither better nor compatible. Non-Ethanol Gas I think the general consensus is about 6 months for non-ethanol gas. E10 94 octane vs. 1 miles away. Does the gasoline you buy have ethanol in it, Bert? It's hard to find ethanol-free gas around where I live. 93 Octane w/ 10% Ethanol vs. I understand the difference between premium gas with ethanol and premium gas without ethanol. You really have to search to find ethanol free gas these days, and most of it is shitty 87 octane stuff that is still available at stations out in the sticks for use in old farm equipment that was not designed for use with ethanol. In Australia, ethanol content in unleaded fuel is limited to 10% (E10), the US it’s 15% but some countries use 85% or even higher. Should I run this with octane boost, or can the octane boost create damage like the ethanol? Suggestions on boost that will not create damage? Just continue to use premium fuel with ethanol; Any other ideas? What are you guys doing and experiencing? The area I live still sells ethanol free gas but it is only 88 octane. I would imagine the principles are the same as any motor, right? while on the subject, is ethanol blended gas "healthy" for a two stroke engines, or should I be seeking out "real gas"? thanks! Since there is no premium ethanol free I never use it in my car. I really beleive the No Ethanol gas gives me much better performance and better fuel ecconomy in both vehicles. The fight here is to get rid of ethanol entirely. level 2 Generally speaking the top grade fuel at any pump will be ethanol-free. You almost have to go by word of mouth. Many areas of the country have ethanol-free gas available, and finding it is easy. Shell V-Power ® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline helps keep your engine running like new* with: Four levels of engine protection against gunk, wear, corrosion and friction This is because gasoline prices are heavily subsidized by the government (0. I've always run my 2-cycles on premium, but this pure gas has me wondering which is better. qUALITY FUELS AND GAS. It's more expensive, but it means that I don't have the issues commonly attributed to ethanol, . It's when the percentage of ethanol compared to gasoline grows that you really  11 Apr 2019 Premium-grade gasoline is the most expensive gas you can usually buy, The limit of ethanol content in summer gasoline blends has long  pure-gas. Fortunately, consumers can take steps to counteract the bad effects of ethanol by using high-quality fuel system additives that have no ethanol or alcohol of any kind in them. I tried to use my air conditioner at the same setting regardless of the outside air temperature. I have a local gas station that has ethanol free gasoline Is this a better option for my 92 cruiser or just running higher octane fuel The ethanol free My understanding is that ethanol free gas does in fact, store better than the contaminated stuff. Not all engines were designed with ethanol resistant rubber and plastic parts, and Ethanol likes to bring water into solution with itself, and then at a certain saturation point it will come out of solution as liquid water in the bottom of your gas tank and mix with all the crud down there. We have the same as you, only ethanol free gas here is 91 or 94 octane. There are a few gas stations in the Denver area where weekend street racers get their fuels. 12 Oct 2012 There are certain myths floating around about premium gas and what it will That doesn't mean there are any states which are ethanol free. The problem is ethanol, not octane. They also have it with a stabilizer in it for storing. What i can assure you is that even on my old Civic I could feel a crappy premium vs a good one. Why? What does pure gas do that the ethanol can’t? KOSU’s Quinton Chandler finds the answers and explains how federal standards may take away our choice between the two types of There are certain myths floating around about premium gas and what it will and will not do. All fuel pumps include a label that details if the gasoline being pumped is an ethanol blend, ethanol-free gasoline, diesel, or biodiesel. Is anyone else having this same problem? Premium motor fuels that do not contain "oxygenates" are the preferred fuels. If you live in a state without a mandatory ethanol blending law, you have no exemptions, ethanol will eventually be blended into all of your unleaded gasoline and there is no requirement in EISA 2007 to label gas pumps with ethanol content. If I had the choice of filling on pure 100% gasoline then I would, but unfortunately, it's pretty much impossible now other than Shell V-Power and my car doesn't call for premium. 110 oz. Throughout the course of the experiment, the pure gas cost $. However if your car is modded/tuned 93 + 10% ethanol is easily the better choice. But I suspect I will not drive the car often or far enough to need to fill it regularly. pure regular? Ethanol Free Gas Stations. Small engines manual says to run 89 octane but I can only get 87 ethanol free where I live. Around here, the ethanol free gas is about ten percent higher than the contaminated stuff. So when Toyota does all its testing at 91 octane is that what the Tundra ECU is optimized for? I have been using 93 and getting abouit 15. Guess what. consider using ethanol-free fuel. Here are the results: With pure gas, I averaged 44. Wife has a chevy equinox. The ethanol content of most of the motor gasoline sold in the United States does not exceed 10% by volume. I just moved from Virginia to Georgia and there is a Valero gas station near my house that sells ethanol free gas, but only up to 90 octane. Whether you fill up with Regular (87 octane), Plus (89 octane), Premium (91 octane) or Ultra (R) 93 grade of fuel, rest assured you’re getting the very best at the pump. Anything higher than E15 ethanol content is only appropriate in flex fuel vehicles. In the past I filled up on land with ethanol gas and added Stabil immediately. Should I just use my hometown station that sells premium or do I need to travel and buy the ga Welcome to the definitive list of stations that sell pure, ethanol-free gasoline in the U. Buy premium gasoline that is ethanol-free. Compared to the cost of a repair, using these products in small power  I know we need premium gas. There are three general categories of ethanol-gasoline blends: E10, E15, and E85. Services stations with no-ethanol gas typically have signage indicating it. In the past they could only sell ethanol free fuel for off road use. Definitely true of Esso and  We offer 100% pure ethanol free gasoline. It leads to lower power output, lesser gas mileage, clogged jets, deteriorated We have non ethanol here but it's only 89 octane and primarily for boat motors and garden tractors and such. I was getting an average of 19. Counteracting Ethanol Problems . But, the extra cost might not be worth it. In addition to having lower lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than conventional gasoline, ethanol is an excellent octane provider, with neat (pure) ethanol having an octane rating of over 100. Some gas pumps at local gas stations may offer both E10 and E15, or have blender pumps that dispense mid-level ethanol fuels for Flex-Fuel automobiles. Since it costs more than ethanol containing fuel (because the price of ethanol is subsidized), very few stations carry the stuff other than marinas. I made this thread sticky recently as I've tried ethanol free gas in my 2010 Outback 2. You’re standing at the gas pump. So does that mean that the miles per gallon indicator ( either average or instantaneous) will show&hellip; Ethanol gives us gas. Not trying to rehash the whole 87 vs 93 debate but more curious if the ethanol free 87 offers more MPG. 5 gallons). Benefits of Ethanol Free Gas. 1. All unleaded pump gas in the US and Canada for use in spark ignited automobiles and motorcycle IC engines is formulated with ethanol blended with raw unleaded gasoline to increase the octane number (AKI-Anti Knock Index) to prevent pre-ignition an My wife, son and myself will be taking a road trip from MA to TN this weekend for a total of 920 miles each way. org. The one station near me that sells ethanol free only has it in regular grade and here is why: Premium/Super gas and ethanol free gas have nothing to do with each other. Maybe it’s time to unthink what you think you think about premium fuel. Hopefully these images weren’t too disturbing for you. Murphy USA serves approximately 1. If you can find it run non-ethanol gas regardless of octane rating. The Petro Canada Ultra 94. Looking for Opinions on using 87 octane ethanol free or 89-93 with ethanol, for small engines, 2 cycles or 4 mixers. E10 is gasoline with 10% ethanol content. Shell. They always charge a lot more for it so, my useage is good brand of regular 93 octane,I am guessing with 10% ethanol and I always use fuel stabilizer in it because it's not a daily driver. They're not on the Top Tier, but 91 and ethanol free is more important, right? Ethanol-free is a big deal. This product is mainly used in – Boats, jet skis, ATV’s, lawn mowers, weed eaters , blowers but can also be used in automobiles. than Ethanol which is heavier than Gas. If you know of any ethanol free stations in Virginia, send them in and we'll put them on the map. I'm making it a point to only fill up with ethanol free gas and I'm wondering how much my mpg will increase. 3. As an alternative, the chain also offers an ethanol free 87 octane product called PureMax, which is an interesting name in its own right. The ethanol labels on the pump are not to be taken literally. Check out our i nfographic to learn even more about ethanol! 87 octane w/ethanol vs 91 ethanol free, Volkswagen, 4 replies Where do you buy ethanol free or ethanol 10 gasonline?, New Jersey, 6 replies Ethanol free premium auto gasoline is now legal. Between ethanol, diesel, and unleaded fuel, conscientious drivers have a lot of options when it comes to hitting the road. It's time we get to the bottom of how E10 is affecting our engines. But E85, which is readily available for flex-fuel automobiles, will cause havoc on 2-stroke handheld equipment and E15 & E20 are also on the horizon. a few year back at a maximum of 10% ethanol to 90% gasoline per gallon. It improves mileage. 6 mpg around town, but now it Where do you most of you fellas stand on using Premium/High-Octane vs. Minnesota has non-ethanol gas, but you have to really search it out. BP probably bought gas from the same place the Shell station accross the street bought it. Shell V-Power 91 octane ethanol-free. Calabash, NC Pure-Gas. With that in mind, does it matter what kind of gas you use? Heather Cannon Honda customers also frequently ask us, “Do Honda vehicles require premium gasoline?” I've found maybe a 3-4% gain running ethanol free gas. 7 billion gallons in 2001 to about 14. 30 days for ethanol gas, tops, prior to the breakdown. Ethanol free gasoline has a much greater shelf-life vs gasoline  Compared to gasolines using only the minimum Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required dose of detergent additives, Marathon gasolines with STP ®  Anyone know where to get premium (93) gas that is ethanol free? but I've never had an issue putting non-ethanol vs 'up to 15% ethanol' in it. Ethanol free gas threads are common on boating and fishing forums. 60-. Premium gas, such as 93 octane, helps high-powered cars run smoothly and efficiently. The area I live still sells ethanol free gas but it is only 88 octane. Ethanol-laced gas spoils quicker thus the need for fuel stabilizer. 5i and it has never run better. We have Virginia very well covered. We're driving in her 08 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback with CVT. Re: Kwik Fill is ethanol free! I haven't been able to attribute any problems directly to ethanol, but I hear enough crappy stuff about it that I'm interested if there's stations that sell straight gas. Not even an option around there parts. Premium vs Normal. 81. Other than that, you would need to bring a gas can. Same price as 91 octane with 10% ethanol. When you fuel your vehicles and equipment wth RealGas Plus Ethanol-Free Premium Gasoline, you do not have to buy fuel treatment and spend time mixing it into every tank. It's also more expensive than other types of gas, such as 87 octane. With 10% ethanol gas I get consistently better than the EPA highway estimate for my car driving long trips (500+ miles each way) on the interstates at 75+ mph. I debated just getting some higher octane gas at the nearby station to save time, but decided against it since our Stihl MS-211 is only 2 years old and might be more vulnerable to the negative effects of Ethanol is a type of alcohol produced by fermentation of sugarcane or grain. I would add Sta-bil to it according to the directions for the appropriate gallons (1 oz. E15 is only appropriate for use in Flex Fuel vehicles or a very small percentage of the newest vehicles. Yup there are a number of states where it is illegal to sell ethanol free gas at retail. I have read that gasoline without ethanol has more but energy than gas with ethanol and will deliver higher gas mileage. It turns out the closest ethanol free station is 20. If you plan to make any performance modifications to your EFI-equipped motorcycle you may be interested in what I have learned. Benefits Of Ethanol Free Gas. Forum discussion: This is a user generated list of gas stations in North America that sell ethanol free fuel. My garden tractor doesn't like ethanol either, so I can use it in that as well. 30 a gallon more expensive than premium. i. For every percent of ethanol in your fuel you have the equivalent in loss of power. E15 is only appropriate for use in flex fuel vehicles or a very small percentage of the newest vehicles. Some does and some doesn't. 1MPG. This is really noticeable in small euipment engine. Yet the more efficient ethanol-free blend is what the EPA uses to produce gas mileage Some Costco Premiums in the US have ethanol, some do not in Canada. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about this new fuel option. Ethanol is a more environment friendly fuel than gasoline. any reason to add Stabil, other than winter long-term storage?cec We offer 100% pure ethanol free gasoline. Gas with ethanol can make small engines fail. I use one of the ethanol-eater additives (does not really get rid of the ethanol but disperses it so it can be used a little better. Think all premium fuels are the same? New Shell V-Power ® NiTRO+ Premium Gasoline is engineered with four levels of defense against gunk, corrosion, wear and friction to help keep your engine running like new. Why pure gas? Many cars, motorcycles, boats, aircraft and tools have engines that run worse, or have parts that deteriorate, when run on gasoline that contains ethanol. You are going to see similar octane levels at the off brand gas station. How can they say ethanol is renwable or green since it subsidizes corn growers to overproduce and create monoculture fields? Oh, because it isn't, just a reason for the dupes to believe it. Or your car lasts longer if you spring for the expensive gas. It's a special trip to the station that has the ethanol free, so I stock up (and buy a tank for my car as well - I want to support the guy who makes the effort to have this gas available). In the few years since ethanol began to be widely used in the United States, a lot has been written about its properties, the problems it's created, and how to best cope with its possible effects. New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI: all premium grade gasoline is ethanol-free. More power and FAR better mileage, I usually average slightly over 30mpg but with ethanol free gas I've been getting at least 33-34 mpg. With a large concentration of stations north of Norfolk along 13. I typically prefer to use major brands of gas, i. No gain, again, running premium gas with ethanol. I know a few places. It varies from area to area, and also depends on who owns the station Yes. i cant tell Here in North Georgia, 10% ethanol gasoline is the norm. $061 per gallon 91 RON). Ethanol explained and why most cars don't use it. Consumption of premium gasoline has declined for more than two decades, possibly making premium a less competitive fuel from a pricing standpoint. I have been using premium (without ethanol). However, premium ethanol-free gasoline, which has a higher octane rating than regular ethanol-free gasoline (91 vs. Ethanol free gasoline has a much greater shelf-life vs gasoline with ethanol. Please, feel free to elabortate or comment. The 87 octane is 100% pure gas with no ethanol blended in, and the their other two grands have the ethanol. It lists the stations addresses and GPS coordinates, and it even includes the octane rating(s) which they offer. Wisconsin is a bit better. 48 per quart at Lowe's. Ethanol is less popular and is a newer energy source as opposed to the more popular gasoline that has been the commercial winner for more or less a century. com. So there you have it, ethanol damage up close and personal. Ethanol has 28% less energy density than gasoline, so it reduces fuel efficiency. Gas Stations That Sell 100% Gasoline . As of a few years ago, leaded gas is still available in Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Myanmar, North Korea, and Afghanistan. how is premium fuel different from regular unleaded? When it comes to gas, "premium" refers to the higher octane levels this type of fuel contains versus regular unleaded gas. We offer the best pre-mixed fuel option for the your handheld equipment. Iowa is the worst, I don't know if you can get it at all there. The only true variable was the weather with the 10% ethanol test perhaps being done in a little bit warmer weather. Thanks, I just read that thread, and it doesn't address the premium E0 vs. What do your pumps say? We don’t think it is by brand, since almost all gas comes from the same place, same distributor, and is sold to all of the different stations. Myths like you get better gas mileage on premium gas. (Note that you Dallas (and many other locations) are not allowed to sell ethanol-free gas in the summer. That means you should see about a 5% decrease in fuel mileage. 91 Octane no Ethanol (Recreational Fuel) it is rare to find ethanol free gas in VA. With the 10% ethanol, I averaged 40 Non-oxy premium vs 93 octane premium. Many states have jumped on the political bandwagon of pushing ethanol; which may be EXTREMELY DETRIMENTAL to older vehicles. , Mobil, Shell or BP, but we have an FS (Farm Service) gas station in town that offers 87/89/92 octane. I don't dispute that premium is not worth it vs. Our high-octane ethanol-free fuel protects your investment, saves you time, and helps your equipment run the way you need it to. Ethanol is an excellent solvent, drying agent and cleanser. 50 per gallon more than the ethonal 10% gas. I’ve found on a recent out of state trip that I got 7-8 mpg better on non-ethanol regular gas when available. My question is, would I get better gas mileage by using the FS 87 with no ethanol I have the option for 91 octane non blended, but like you said at . Both got around 19-20 mpg on regular e10 mixed gas, and after running premium non ethanol gas for a few tanks, shot up by about 5 mpg. In other areas that border states with mandated ethanol end up with it by default since the distribution systems are linked and the fuel comes from There is a new gas station right by my office that offers 88 Ethanol free gas. Another gas station just down the street calls their ethanol free fuel "Pure Gas" and proudly advertises that it will improve your gas mileage by 25% over ethanol grades. The fuel option you choose ultimately depends on the type of vehicle you drive and your own preferences, but if you’re in the market for a new car, you may be wondering what the differences are. My life experience is that E0 (ethanol free) is the best because you get the most power out of each stroke and ultimately better MPG. 0 V-6 and 2-wheel drive, automatic transmission and 11,500 miles on it. The 4-Cycle Ethanol-Free Fuel ensures easier engine starting and smoother idling in a safe, reliable formula. Normal highway without applying any hypermiling techniques is 35mpg. List of Pros of Ethanol Free Gas. Now the difference between 89 fuel with 10% ethanol vs. If you know of any locations in any of these areas your help is appreciated. Ethanol contains less energy than pure gas so you will get slightly worse mileage. In addition to ethanol's impact on the relative decline in premium gasoline production costs, the changing price relationship between premium and regular gasoline may reflect other factors. Its a 90 octane fuel that is 100% ethanol free and it should be about $. e. As I have replied to several of these posts ethanol is often used as an octane booster. You want an octane with a higher resistance to knock. Ethanol blends can certainly do so, however. Shell V-Power Premium gasoline (91 octane) is free of ethanol. When you’re deciding where to pull over for gas, do you look for the Top Tier logo? Maybe you should start! Engine-cleaning detergent additives in gasoline really do make a difference and are worth the extra price to keep your car healthy, according to independent laboratory testing from AAA. and CanadaSimply click onyour state at the bottom of the page, then look for your town or city on the next screen. Here is a link to a page that list all of the gas stations in your area that sell 100% gasoline without any ethanol. That said, Canadian gas: Esso and Shell both have Ethanol Free premium (91) octane. Also Ethanol retains water and algae grows in your gas clogging fuel filters. Premium Gas Faces Less Competition “As prices are falling, you traditionally tend to see prices fall at a slower rate [for premium] than regular gasoline prices Ethanol flex fuel (formerly known as E85) has between 51 and 83% ethanol with the remainder being gasoline. org lists the stations in the U. Loved driving through Oklahoma and their <1% ethanol free gas. This is a story about my own experience and experiments with ethanol-free (E0) gas vs ethanol-blend (E10) pump gas. Went to both places listed and neither had ethanol free gas anymore. Ethanol is "hydroscopic" meaning it has a tendency to absorb water from the atmosphere. 40 - $. Keeping your gas fresh, properly treating it with a fuel stabilizer, or buying strictly ethanol-free fuel, is as important as that regular oil change every year. Although ethanol helps the world meet its commitment to pollution reductions, ethanol also decreases the gas mileage a person gets from their car. I was always told that if your not going to burn the tank of gas out in 3 weeks or less that's when Three Ethanol Myths Clarified. If the filling station pump is not labeled with the ethanol content, ask the station attendant what percentage of ethanol is in the gasoline. Which would you run You your machine 87 non ethanol or 93 premium with ethanol? 87 NON ETHANOL vs 93 premium with ethanol!!!! these so-called ethanol free It seems that there is an ongoing debate as to whether gas with a mix of ethanol or made of pure ethanol is really better than pure oil due to several factors. Ethanol and E85 fuel, how it works and if you should buy About pure-gas. It is added to all the fuel grades as a replacement for MTBE. E. Premium. I think the octane is only 91 which barely makes it "premium". I saw saw both labels that say the gas contains "up to 10%" and also "CONTAINS 10%" and the most I saw was 7%. A place to find no ethanol and ethanol free gasoline for your boat, truck, RV, plane, farm equipment, snowblower, hotrod or motorcycle. All gasoline in Venezuela is unleaded. Using ethanol can reduce oil dependence and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Red Armor fuel is the highest quality fuel, ready to use from the can. Seemed to run great, just a little hard hot starting. I was running 93 octane, 10% ethanol in my 273 Commando in Virginia. We have ethanol free fuel including premium (93 octane I think) in Oriental, NC. They start selling A92-E5 gasoline (A92 with 5 percent of Ethanol) at 2017. $083 per gallon 95 RON, vs 0. from the previous state , where premium fuel was ethanol-free at Petro-Canada. “It's market share is quite small compared to corn ethanol and would also 17 May 2016 Ethanol is often talked about as a high-octane fuel. Ethanol blended fuels create issues for small motors on lawnmowers, trimmers, chainsaws, and other gas power tools. If you have a diesel-engine lawn mower, then check to see if the station offers biodiesel fuel. E10 and E15 Non-oxygenated fuels usually best for small engines Q I have a question about fuels. Cleaner engine parts can lead to better gas mileage, engine protection and engine performance. 7 Jan 2017 When driving your Toyota around your state, you may come across gas stations with signs advertising ethanol-free gas. If you’re hunting down non-ethanol gas stations, consider this first: ethanol fuel burns cleaner and more efficiently and helps increase octane. Normal premium fuel has a percentage of alcohol as well as other additives. Ontario: Shell V-Power 91; Costco 91; Canadian Tire 91; Esso 91; Ultramar 91. I talked my local gas station into carrying it and now he put road tax on it and is running it in his own cars and so is all his employee's. They claim an ethanol-free premium. Org is a list of gas stations that sell ethanol free gas. And as almost everyone knows, water in gas engines is a serious problem. Be aware that ethanol is the worst enemy for two-stroke engines. MTBE used to be the additive for helping the environment until they realized it made it worse. Buying the right gas can be just as important as getting the right automobile insurance or using the right parts for your motorcycle, boat, or antique car. Ethanol is a renewable, domestically produced alcohol fuel made from plant material, such as corn, sugar cane, or grasses. 5 mpg in my Being the curious person that I am, I decided to test ethanol free gas in my Tacoma. A lot of hard-working people depend on our gas to get them where they are headed, while saving them money in the process. G. I've always just used Shell 91 premium pump gas and have no clue if the ethanol effected the running or not. Additionally, ethanol-blended fuel is more prone to separating, producing byproducts damaging to the motor. All the newer Yamaha outboards and their components have been designed to withstand the corrosive properties of ethanol fuels, so if you can’t find an ethanol–free gas pump in your area or you prefer to run the E10 gasoline, I suggest you run the manufacturer’s stated octane fuel, and also subscribe to the major brand-name fuel suppliers PROTECT YOUR ENGINE! We offer 100% pure ethanol free gasoline. Considering Ethanol-Free Gas? Try An Ethanol Treatment Instead. For a limited time, you can extend your Husqvarna gas handheld, like chainsaws, trimmers, and leaf blowers, for up to 4 years by purchasing Husqvarna premixed fuel along with your handheld purchase. This patented formula is our best, most advanced fuel ever. You may also locate other places that happen to sell gasoline that doesn't contain ethanol. In my fuel testing in my are, yes, premium gas (3%)had less ethanol than regular gas (7%). All of our gas now has 10% ethanol and I am scared to run it. Anybody have a scientific comment on premium gasahol vs. The experts at Mowers Direct discuss ethanol fuel and your best options for powering your lawn mowers and other small engine equipment. I just wasn't sure if the benefits of ethanol-free gas was worth the money. I'm wondering if my 1600 will run better or worse or even damage my engine. "Clear" gasoline is defined as a non- ethanol blended gas, generally produced with 91 octane and sold asa premium  24 Jun 2019 Shop with confidence - get free shipping to home or stores + price If you change over to E10 from non-ethanol gas, you should check for  22 Mar 2016 In doing my research, I found warnings about the harm that ethanol in modern Protection Agency (EPA) approved gasoline with 15 per cent ethanol content, but carriers, but added at the refinery just prior to delivery to gas stations. I have access to pure 91 octane fuel without any alcohol. REC-90 is an ethanol-free, 90 octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in North Carolina, 1, General Ethanol-Free/Premium Ethanol-Free. The app showed two Ethanol free stations near me, both within a few miles. The cost of etoh free gas here is more than a 4% increase from the contaminated 87 they want you to buy. Have any members ever had the opportunity to compare performance of their scoot using ethanol free gasoline vs the ethanol blend? I run 91 octane ethanol free gas in my outboards. Russ Finley provides a list of 5 common reasons why drivers prefer ethanol-free over E85. In Oregon we have Premium gas without ethanol for our motorcycles, boats and small engines. Ethanol Content in Ontario Fuels Although many sources proclaim that ethanol infused gasoline is better for vehicles and fully compatible with older vehicles, that just isn't so. This is for the folks that think they can get premium gas that is ethanol free. Sure E85 will have a much lower mpg than, say, ethanol free premium, but E85 also has higher octane than the best brand of premium outside of racing fuel, and a significantly lower cost per mile. 70 cents a gallon, MPG would not be the determining factor in purchase. I was running this experiment to see a) if I would get better MPGs with the pure gas and b) if it made economic sense to switch to using pure gas. The ethanol makes the saw run leaner and some of them are set dangerously lean from the factory to meet EPA regulations. Using E85, expected range is only 400 miles. ). Ehtonal properties has better knock resistance than any race gas. Interesting point and I agree but here is what I ponder - whare I live we can get non eth fuel , it's chevron 94 oct and it's expensive but ethanol free and I like that. This is by using a calculator at fill ups, not using the MPG guage on the Outback. Gasoline with no ethanol will greatly reduce the amount of moisture the gasoline can absorb from the atmosphere. British Columbia: Chevron 94. E85 is running around $1. The maximum ethanol content allowed by law for use in outdoor power equipment is limited to 10% (E10). I ride there often and fill up with premium at home where its listed as up to 10%, burn almost a whole tank then fill up with the Ethanol free. I have a Sunoco station down the road from me and I only buy gas for my saws there for that reason. Currently, refiners create ‘sub-octane gas,’ which has a lower octane rating than required. There is one small gas station about 30 miles from my house that sells this gasoline. If you do run ethanol gas is it because you cannot find a place that sells ethanol free gas or because you have no preference? I usually by my ethanol-free gas 5 gallons at a time. In my truck it makes a 3 miles per gallon difference. My base Boxster normally gets 93 E-10 as there is no non-ethanol gas available within about 100 miles. You end up with moisture absorbed ethanol entering the engine first before the petro I'm trying to find ethanol free gas pumps in Bryan/College Station. but where to get it?, Portland, 7 replies gas stations selling ethanol free gas-100% gasoline?, Rochester area, 3 replies Here it is:Ethanol-free gas stations in the U. Premium fuel also comes with a higher octane level—92 or 93 compared to 87 for regular gas. If your car was made in the 90s, it’s probably OK, but check to see if it’s having any degradation Just last month, Florida repealed the law requiring gas stations to sell fuel containing ethanol. The octane rating for E15 (15% ethanol) is 88 octane and E85 (85% ethanol) is 108 octane. Ethanol thins the gas, and while it makes a gallon of gas cheaper at the pump, it comes at a cost in MPG that pretty much negates its valueeven more when you factor the energy required to turn corn into a gas additive. I just noticed a factory sticker on my tomos st frame that specifies gas with octane higher than 90+ be used. People as your selfdoes not understand or perhaps have a single clue of the properties of Ethonal vs gas vs Race gas There have been more HPFP and LPFP failures on pump gas, keep this in mind. You'll get the benefits of added detergents while saving money over premium brand gas. I keep the receipts and average over the entire round trip, I tend to drive the same routs several times a year. It is blended with gasoline (10% ethanol, 90% gasoline) to produce E10. In most of the country there’s no question you go with the mix but there are a lot of holdouts in Oklahoma who still demand a regular supply of ethanol free fuel. Search for "ethanol free gasoline" on the Internet. Pull up at almost any gas station in the United States and you will be presented with three choices for gasoline. While regular unleaded is usually 87 percent octane, plus- and premium-grade fuels are more likely to contain 89 to 91 percent octane. Off Brand Station Gas vs. for each 2. 100LL does not really "draw water from the air" (at least no more so than any other non-ethanol gas. Thanks! always use 91 ethanol free here, its the only thing ethanol free at our pumps we dont have 87 that is E free here. Drummonds also has Ethanol-free premium gas. The main difference between premium gas and regular gasoline is that premium gas has a higher octane level. Glad to live in Houston as well that offers a lot of Corn-Subsidy free gas. I have yet to have any probs with any of my gas engines and i have and i have 11 of them ranging from 6 to 30 + yrs old. There's no need to run a small lawnmower How far could you go on a tank of ethanol gas? And, for motorists tired of high gas prices, will ethanol-gas really save money? Gas vs. and Canada! The Google Map is now obscured with a "for developer use only" watermark (although it still works!). Regular 87 (10% ethanol) vs Premium 91+ (ethanol free) 2 strokes are much more sensitive to moisture in the gas and burnt pistons can be the result. If the site has 94, then every grade from 87 to 94 has 10% ethanol. Outboard motors are particularly sensitive to problems dealing with gas mixed with ethanol. ethanol free gas vs premium

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