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Preservation and Restoraton

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Securing/re-key & lock box.

JIMMEC Preservation and Restoration. We can provide all services necessary for initial securing or re-keying of a property.

Interior/exterior cleaning

Our goal is to provide timely and accurate information regarding occupancy status, first time vacancy, and property interior/exterior cleaning service.


JIMMEC Preservation & Restoration can winterize your properties in accordance to your instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines.

Lawn services

We provide Lawn Care service to our customers for care of their property. 

Snow removal

Snow and ice management services to clear the way for you to conduct business, while others are still digging themselves out.

Window boarding

JIMMEC Preservation & Restoration will offer you window boarding  services.

Roof tarping

JIMMEC Preservation & Restoration can help to temporarily stop damages to properties by tarping roofs.

Debris Removal

JIMMEC Preservation & Restoration help to remove debris.

About Us

JIMMEC Preservation and Restoration. prides itself on operating with strong values aimed at exceeding client needs and expectations. Our communication channels are always open and transparent. Our relationship with our clients begins on the first day of contact, and only ends once they’re fully satisfied with our work.


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you hire our services, you can count on us for the results you want and need. Get in touch today, and discover the advantage of working with JIMMEC Preservation and Restoration. Someone will gladly assist you! If you do not see what you need, give us a call.  We are equipped to handle almost any customer needs.


Securing Services
Inspection Services
Winterizatio/de winterization Services
drywall repair and replacement Services
Flooring Repairs/Replacement
Plumbing Repairs
Roof Tarping
Securing Services

Initial Securing/ Rekey:

JIMMEC Preservation and Restoration. We can provide all services necessary for initial securing or re-keying of a property. This generally includes:

  • Changing handset and/or deadbolt on secondary or main entrance door to property.
  • Installing lockbox custom coded to clients’ request.
  • Securing all gates, garages, and exterior sheds with padlocks.
  • Securing pool lanai
  • Boarding of any broken windows.
  • Installing security doors if necessary

Inspection Services

The primary goal of A & R Property Service’s inspection services is to provide timely and accurate information regarding occupancy status, first time vacancy, and property condition. Inspections are completed in compliance with Investor/Insurer guidelines when needed.  JEMMIC P & R provides the client with direct and immediate information.  Not only do we perform exterior, visual inspections, but we also ensure property preservation and preventative action by completininterior inspections. The combination of both services allows us to effectively and accurately evaluate property condition and need, inside and out. JEMMIC P & R offers the following Property Inspection Services:

  • Property Inspections:

A visual, exterior inspection for occupancy verification per client instruction with a property description and no interior access. The inspection can be performed at the frequency requested by the client.

  • Field Inspection to Verify Occupancy:

JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration will perform a contact inspection for occupancy with no interior access and two attempts to verify the names of the property occupants. We will check with neighbors, review the name on the utility account, and check local phone books for listings if contact is not made with the occupant. These services can be utilized for eviction proceedings or quality control on origination.

  • Monthly Interior Inspections on Vacant and Secure Properties:

JEMMIC P & R provides the option of ordering exterior and interior monthly inspections on vacant and lock box-secured properties to insure compliance with city or home owner association rules and regulations. We will provide information based on a visual “walk-through” inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. The main emphasis and purpose of the exterior and interior inspections is to alert the client to any visible damages or situations that, if not addressed immediately, could lead to damages or the issuance of a citation by the city or home owners associations (HOA).  Documentation will be in the form of a written report with photographic documentation of the exterior of the property.

Winterizatio/de winterization Services

JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration can winterize your properties in accordance to your instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines. A standard winterization generally includes:

  • Draining of all plumbing and heating systems as required
  • Using air pressure to clear the system of water
  • Adding anti-freeze to all traps and fixtures
  • Shutting off water supply to the property
  • Disconnecting the water meter, removing it from the cradle and leaving it on the premises
  • Disconnecting the feed pipe leading to the main water valve and plugging or capping it
  • Placing tags, labels, warning signs, and dates on all items winterized, including A&R
  • Disconnecting the feed pipe leading to the main water valve and plugging or capping it
  • Placing tags, labels, warning signs, and dates on all items winterized, including A&R  Property (Preservation Service’s address and telephone number on all tags and labels)

Winterization Re-Check:

JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration can inspect a winterization previously performed at a property to attempt to determine if it is still effective. Upon instruction, if JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration finds that the winterization is not in effect, we will winterize the property.

drywall repair and replacement Services

We repair any holes, scratches, dents and gauges in all drywall. We will repair any size damage from small holes to full replacement. Upon replacement and repair we will apply texture coat (I.E Orange peel, knock down, or popcorn) to professionally match your current texture.
Our Process Includes:

  • Removal of damaged drywall
  • Replacement with new drywall
  • Taping and mudding of new drywal
  • Texturing of new drywall

After performing these steps, we will leave the job site clean and ready to show.

Flooring Repairs/Replacement

Laminate Flooring Repair and Replacement:

We can repair nicked and cracked laminate flooring. We can replace a single piece or a whole room of severely damaged laminate flooring upon request. Our full replacement service consists of old floor removal and disposal, new floor replacement, transition and trim replacement and cleanup with appropriate cleaning agents.

Wood Flooring Repair and Replacement:

We can repair and refinish damages such as nicks, cracks, blemishes, or scratches in wood flooring.  Our repair services can include sanding, finishing and cleanup with the appropriate cleaning agents. We can also replace your wood floor, at your request if the damage is severe. Our replacement services consist of old floor removal and disposal, with new floor installation.

Carpet Flooring Repair and Replacement:

We can re-stretch loose carpet, re-seam split or separated seams, and reattach loose or rotten tack strips. We can repair transitions and/or change them out. We can replace carpet in one room or a whole house. We will replace existing carpet pad that is old, worn out or damaged at your request.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing and Fixture Replacements:

We can replace sinks, faucets, toilets, tub fixtures and shower heads due to damage or to update the look of your property. We replace disposals if units are damaged, upon request. We replace all water supply lines to newly replaced fixtures. We can also replace existing ice maker water lines to refrigerators or run new ones if water supply is available.

Roof Tarping

  • Tarping:

JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration can help to temporarily stop damages to properties by tarping roofs. We can tarp full roofs or sections to help minimize damages to your properties.

  • Repair:

JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration will repair your roof tarping issues using attention to detail and superior workmanship. We will reseal and repair any drip edge, flashing, soffits, fascia, vents, chimneys, skylights, gutters or loose shingles.

  • Replace:

We can replace any shingles with matching ones, when available. We can replace rotten or damaged wood upon your request. We also offer full roof tarping services.


Eviction Process:

At JEMMIC Preservation & Restoration we offer professional Eviction services.






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